August 2022                     

Dear Sisters,

These last two days have put me in the mood for fall and being teachers you know what that means! I still get anxious when fall comes and I think I am not ready for the new school year. At least I don’t have the recurring dream of being in front of my new class not dressed or in a room with nothing anywhere, not on the walls, not on their desks! But for us now, fall means the beginning of a new year with Delta Kappa Gamma. The WSO officers, especially President Pat Bennett-Foreman, have already met with chapter presidents and area liaisons. The Schedule for our virtual Fall Board, Friday, Sept. 23 and Saturday, Sept. 24 is published on the website,, so access it and register for some of the workshops. Some are tailored especially for officers but many are just interesting and informative. Perhaps you found yourself, like I did, voting in a new state legislative district. I am now voting for Okanogan folks I have no knowledge about. Our re-districting commission did not fulfill their obligations as they should have. I am looking forward to hearing about your summers at our first meeting where we will share our service project ideas and choose what we will work on consistently through the year. If you have not connected with your Rose Buddy, I will republish the list here:

Teri St. Jean - Marilynn Weaver                                   Anne Fuller – Mardine Larsen

Billie Lopushinsky  - Tami Lopushinsky                        Denise Perkins – Carole Busch

Vinnie  Lee – Jeannie Lodge                                           Cathy Reasor – Kriss Crilly

Sue Lawson – Arlene Jones                                            Sherry Schreck – Rosa Eilert

Betty Carrick – Sharon Paine – Shelly Skaar

Pat Strand – Susan Floyd                                                 Maria Diaz – Pauline Peterson

Karen Bray – Joanne Dalinkus                                       Trudy Worthing – Margie Walker

Ardie Van Well – Gloria Waddell                                  Betty Avery – Barb Myles

Mary Armstrong – Rosa Eilert

Some of you are aware that our long time honorary member, Carmen Bossenbrock, passed away this summer. We donated money in her honor to the Rotary Polio Plus campaign which was her long time passion. We will miss this amazing woman.

All of my wonderful phone tree members have agreed to continue to connect with us and remind us when we have activities. Here is the meeting information for September:

September 13 at 4 p.m. at the Washington Park shelter house

Rosa Eilert, President


Robert Sez:
He didn’t say. He didn’t say? Nope, he didn’t say.
" From Marilyyn Weaver, Parliamentarian




 *School or work place for regular and part-time teaching staff, specialists, substitutes, support personnel and administrators. 

*District, county, state , national, international schools countrywide service centers, universities, workshops and conventions. 

*Community college, adults, and community education courses. 

*Board of education, local community, and public board meetings 

*Organized community park, recreation, sport and leisure time programs. 

*Pre-school, private, parochial, charter, alternative schools and senior citizen centers. 

*Hospital, nursing home, assisted living and care centers.

*Public libraries, museums, zoos, institutes, and service organizations.

 *Private businesses and corporations and individuals responsible
for creating or providing training and materials. 

"NOW......GO GET ‘EM"

Article for Delta Gamma Kappa

Pinnacles Prepʼs first year was a beautifully messy, chaotic,
exhausting and joyous year.  Here is an inside look at some
of the highlights - both glows and grows:

● 84 Community Organizations, families, and individuals supported
our efforts to bring alive our vision of Place & Project Based Education as
members of our Impact Squad

● Orchestra & Rock Band options were made possible
through the generous donations from 14 supporters

● We had an 86% scholar retention rate. **The State Charter Commission
allows for 25% ʻover enrollmentʼ as it is expected to have a 20%-25% attrition

● We had a 91% staff retention rate. This equates to 2 staff members.

6th Grade
● Math 44% of scholars are proficient in math on standardized tests
Scholars met or exceeded 82% of their projected growth

●  Reading 50% of scholars are proficient on standardized tests
Scholars met or exceeded 61% of their projected growth

● Science 79% of scholars are proficient in science on standardized tests

7th Grade
● Math 63% of scholars are proficient in math on standardized tests Scholars met or exceeded 137% of their projected growth in math

● Reading 48% of scholars are proficient in reading on standardized tests Scholars met or exceeded 112% of their projected growth
We are not satisfied with the proficiency scores- to that end, we
are taking research to heart and action by reworking our schedule to provide more intentional and individualized core instruction work through subject integration projects.

● All of our scholars worked on Passion Projects. 95% of scholars
completed their projects - next year we strive for 100%. These included a school
garden, a food drive, trains, podcasts, tutoring, learning to paint, planning
a school library, composing music, Learning ASL and Spanish and even a
music playing prosthetic device for kids with cerebral palsy.

● Thanks to Outdoor Schools Washington we took the whole school to
Tall Timbers for 3 days and 2 nights!

We are looking forward to Year #2.
● We will be serving grades 6 - 8.
● Our current enrollment is 179.
● All scholars will have math, science, humanities, and STEM as
foundational courses. For electives, scholars have the choice of
Classical Music, Rock Band, Theater, or Makerspace.

● Another unique aspect to our day is that everyday scholars
 participate in PEAK time. This is where intervention and extension happen. We are doubling up math and reading this year and will provide small group and 1:1 tutoring.
● Scholars also start each day in the Basecamp. This is their mentor group where we explore SEL, purpose and Individualized Learning Plans.

● Each Monday our scholars engage in project and place based learning.
We go out into the community and we bring the community into the classroom.

"Making a Difference" will be our theme and mantra this year, as we find out how others make a difference in our community and lives, both in a positive and  possibly in a negative manner.

 We will start our year finding out what our members are doing as individuals
to make a positive difference locally.

 Our program on September 13 will be YOU!  Please prepare to share a cause, idea, group, or project for our information and also as a possible Wenatchee DKG chapter project to work on together. We will bring and/or do something each meeting this year for that cause. 

Feel free to bring brochures, pictures, samples or anything else to convince us that your project should be ours!


See you September 13, 4:00 in the
picnic shelter at Washington Park.



2-  Marnie Cox
08- Marilyn Weaver
09-Billie Lopushinsky
10- Gloria Waddell
17- Joan Tucker
18- Peggy Adams
29- Rosa Eilert


It's been a good year for the roses!

From my rose garden-Ken Kohnhorst

Zeta Chapter Officers

President-Rosa Eilert, Area 8 Liaison
1st Vice-President-Teri St. Jean - Programs
2nd Vice-President- Mardine Larsen - Membership
Treasurer- Maria Diaz
Recording Secretary -
Gloria Waddell/Sherry Schreck
Corresponding Secretary - Cathy Reasor
Parliamentarian - Marilynn Weaver
Past President - Geneva McCoy Jardine