May 2021                        

  Dear Sisters,

Glorious spring weather isn’t it? I wanted to wait to write this because I have been online almost daily in the evenings this week at our WSO State Convention. I have enjoyed it and kudos to our state leaders for the work it took to produce this amazing week. I had the honor of introducing our International guest, Connie Rensink, for her Saturday morning workshop presentation, Top 10 Chapter Strategies in a Post-Pandemic World. I took copious notes and will be sharing her powerpoint at one of our meetings, if I can do the tech right! The Saturday night banquet included installation of our new officers and incoming president, Pat Bennett Forman, spoke about her hopes and plans for the coming year. The 3 R’s she committed us to concentrate on are Reconnect, Recommit and Revitalize! Hopefully this will be help us recover from the pandemic’s effect on our group. I am including a few screenshots I took during the convention.

 In our chapter business…

Our meeting this month will be INSIDE THE CHURCH as long as all of us are fully vaccinated. Tracy Faulkner Carlson will lead us in a SAIL(Staying Active In Life) exercise class tailored to seniors, but valuable to all ages. We were planning to be outside in the parking lot, but she needs to be heard and that would be difficult with all the traffic on Washington Street. We will meet by the south parking lot main door at 4:00 on Tuesday, May 11. No need to bring a chair, but we will need to mask up. Wear your exercise clothes! We will have a short meeting as we need to vote on a proposal relating to dues for next year. Because we have spent very little money this year beyond our webmaster fees and a few office supplies, the board is suggesting that we do not charge local dues this year which would bring our dues costs to $80.00 instead of $94.00. We need to vote on this proposal at the May meeting. This adjustment in dues would be for one year only. Rationale includes the casino dollars that loyal “gamblers” have added to our coffers. Interest has been expressed to me in continuing Zoom or outdoor meetings through the summer.  We will discuss this option and the possibility of a lunch out sometime this summer. I will be asking our callers to remind people of our change of venue from Zoom to the Church.  Hope to see you all there.  

And for news of our members…

Most of you know that Charlotte Kohnhorst is now at Fieldstone Memory Care on Red Apple Road in Wenatchee. Call ahead if you wish to visit. Ken, her husband and our webmaster, had heart procedures previous to her move. Our best to both!

Arlene Jones, Sharon Paine, and Billie Lopushinsky are all recovering well after their surgeries.

We mourn the passing of Grace Lynch this past month. Mardine Larsen had been checking in with her and had told me she was not doing well, but I think we were all surprised by her sudden death. She will be missed by many in all the groups where she had been a stalwart through the years.

Sherry Schreck has gone to New York to FINALLY see face to face and hold those darling twin grandgirls of hers. She sent me a video of one of the girls doing her “first monologue” which was very dramatic…wonder where she got that?

 Teri has included her Blast from the Past and a raffle basket picture.

  Rosa Eilert, President



The decade 2002-2012 is one that many of us remember.  Our scrapbooks record that this was the decade that trips, conventions, awards and informative meetings were the norm. Enjoy this walk down ‘memory lane’. 

2002   Founders Day luncheon at Margaret Weed’s home
            Area 8 workshop featuring the making of quilts in Quincy
            Christmas party at Colonial Vista

  2003   Pam Steinburg, Teri St.Jean, Sherry Shreck, Kathy Campbell installed as new members
             Board meeting with Geneva, Marge, Wilma and Denise 

2004    Sherry Shreck directed Richard the 3rd
            Christmas party at Colonial Vista,  Barb Myles, pianist. Grant winner Patricia Moreno
             “On Golden Pond”  lead  Sue Lawson
             Retired from WSD  Fran Mahar

 2005    Mary Armstrong, Rosa Eilert installed as new members 

2006    Splash party at Marilyn Houck’s     Dorothy Rogers, best costume
             Margaret Weed passes
             State Convention        Char, Geneva, Denise
             Margaret Weed Outreach Award to Wilma Stallingwerth
             Regional workshop   Marje, Geneva

Area 8 workshop…learned to line dance with June Hill
             Power of the Pen award winner        Charlotte Kohnhorst
             Zeta President, Geneva   Treasurer, Kay Ryan
             Carolyn Wilson, Barb Morello, Faye Davis and Bonnie Jansen  installed

             2007     Splash party at Marilyn’s Houck’s
              Regional Meeting in Boise   Pauline and Charlotte

Art project in Karen Bray’s WHS room   Christy Lewis instructor
              Dumas Bay Arts retreat   Geneva
              Regional workshop in Vancouver   Marje, Sharon, Denise
              State Convention in Spokane   Denise, Teri, Marje
              Christmas party  Colonial Vista  Scholarship winners Dana Messer and Sarah Hein 

2008        No records 

2009       Helen Bennett passes
                Estel Taylor passes
                Beverly Chapman passes
                International projects award given to Wenatchee DKG
                Area 8 workshop   Joan Tucker presents “Celia Dick”
                Pennies for Peace  collection night
                Country Club   dinner

 2010       Splash party at Marilyn’s
                Margaret Weed Outreach Award Pauline
                International Convention   Denise, Betty, Kay, Teri  provided lilac pins and scarves
                General State Corresponding Secretary Geneva
                Area 8 Workshop in Wenatchee   Deloma Ensley spoke on wardrobe do’s and don’ts

2011       Outstanding Music Teacher of the Year   Tami Lopushinsky
                Master Gardner and Certified teachers spoke at meetings
                State Spring Convention
                Helen Barns passes
                Marni Cox, Nancarroll Holmes, Ann Bixby Smith, and Beth Widby installed
                International Pen Pal project organized   Pauline

           2012       International Convention      Marje, Sharon Paine, Denise, Marje Walker
                Topics at meetings     adoption, DKG history, exercise and heart health

Made dresses for African school children
                Area 8 workshop
                Installation and dinner at Roaster   Roberta Annemiller
                Marj past president, Kay President, Teri V.P., Rosa treasurer, Denise secretary
                Picnic at Sharron Roe’s
                Dinner at Country Club
                Marilyn Houck passes
                Margaret Weed Outreach Award   Geneva McCoy 

If I confused a year or place, please let me know.  I will correct it in the scrapbook.
     Teri 663-1295

Time to bring the box tops that you have been collecting all year to our meeting
May 11 4:00 Methodist Church upper parking lot

These box tops are given to local elementary schools to help purchase much needed items
they may not be able to afford any other way.


            Delta Kappa Gamma Meeting
 April 13 , 2021 -Zoom Meeting 4:00 PM
President Rosa Eilert convened the DKG meeting at 4:00 p.m.,
Hosting the meeting was Rosa Eilert, President; in attendance were Teri St. Jean, Mardine Larsen, Denise Perkins,
Sharon Paine, Kris Crilly, Cathy Reasor, Marilyn Weaver, Tammy Lopushinsky, Geneva McCoy, and Sherry Schreck.

The guest speaker was Angela Banker, Youth Director for the First United Methodist Church; she has a teaching certificate and tutors outside of school. Her husband is a chiropractor.

Angela’s presentation focused on “Essential Oils.” Her family history of breast cancer led her to consider environmental influences. She stated that there are 300 chemicals on the body every morning, and they are affecting us in many ways, “every way possible.” There are toxins all around us. The company she is working with is “Young Living” founders of essential oils.

She discussed Health Care vs Sick Care; we are armed and ready to be sick but we should be better with health care. Supplements and nutrition will help us and we need to make a shift to healthier living, a wellness lifestyle. She wanted to be proactive and help her daughter. Cleaning agents are affecting our skin and entering our bloodstream.

We need to “Ditch and Switch” and be knowledgeable, avoiding poisonings and changing our environment. Young Living searched for essential oils from organic sources, high quality asnd pure products, from “seed to the seeded bottle”; no synthetics. Oils can help against pesticides. Oils can be applied Topically, Aromatically, and Internally. The topical oils are applied on the skin, i.e., frankincense on a skin rash soothes and moisturizes; lavender on a bug bite. Aromatically helps your senses; lavender helps with everything for bathing, sleeping, and any function during the day. Internally helps digestion. Frankincense vitality supports a healthy immune system and respiratory system; balancing and grounding, calming and comforting.

Various oils are: Pan Away refreshes and invigorates, cools the skin, and helps with all things muscular; Raven cools and comforts, promotes deeper breathing, refreshes and invigorates, aids sleep, and can be added to coconut oil for a chest rub; Valor is a happy skin oil. It encourages a positive attitude, feelings of courage and confidence, and helps with memory; Peace and Calming is comforting; eliminates stress, has a beach-like aroma, relaxes and calms and contains citrus oil. Lemon Vitality supports the immune system, the circulatory system, is an antioxidant and cleansing oil. Peppermint Vitality assists with gut function, digestive tract efficiency, and it refreshes and is minty. DiGize Vitality is an antioxidant and digestive system cleanser.Thieves Vitality cleanses the digestive system, has antioxidant properties, immune system and general wellness support. It is a hand sanitizer and spray to kill germs and a household cleaner. Ningxia Red is for drinking, made from wolfberry; it contributes to whole body wellness, cellular function, antioxidants; helps energy levels and eye health.

Oils can be mixed with topical carrier oil such as coconut oil and olive oil. Do not use water. Rose oil is used in beauty products and perfume. Oils help with emotional states.

It was a much appreciated presentation by Angela Banker.

It was reported that Charlotte Kohnhorst is being transferred to the Fieldstone Memory Care Home. Ken Kohnhorst
has heart problems but still plans to do our newsletter. Grace Lynch is suffering some memory loss
 and her family is with her.

Kriss Crilly reported on scholarships. There is one applicant for the Ruby Long Scholarship. She is a teacher working toward her Master’s Degree. Her application is not the standard form but she is a good candidate. Sharon Paine made a motion to accept her application, and Mardine Larson seconded it. Her application was accepted by the group.

Rosa discussed the May 11th meeting and the conventions for Delta Kappa Gamma. The Portland convention is still scheduled to be an “in person” event, July 7-10th.

Teri St. Jean conducted the raffle for the Easter Basket she made, and Mardine Larsen was the winner.

President Rosa discussed the May meeting which includes exercises and a need for chairs; it will be an outside meeting by the church and in the park. She then asked members about their favorite aspects of Spring. The meeting was adjourned on a positive note.

Respectfully,Sherry Chastain Schreck,  Recording Secretary




17 - Betty Carrick
17-Cathy Reasor
19 - Maria Diaz
19 - Arlene Jones
23- Pauline Peterson
29 - Carmen Bossenbock


Zeta Chapter Officers

President-Rosa Eilert, Area 8 Liaison
1st Vice-President-Teri St. Jean - Programs
2nd Vice-President- Mardine Larsen - Membership
Treasurer- Maria Diaz
Recording Secretary -
Gloria Waddell/Sherry Schreck
Corresponding Secretary - Cathy Reasor
Parliamentarian - Marilynn Weaver
Past President - Geneva McCoy Jardine