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Tumwater Canyon

Dear Sisters

We are a little late on this newsletter as I wanted to do it after Fall Board which finished virtually at 1:00 today. It was very worthwhile, interesting, and informative. I learned more about my Area Liaison action plan, had breakout rooms in most workshops which helped me familiarize myself with the other areas and their chapters, and participated in 4 workshops: 1) Chapter President’s Workshop, 2) Legislation & Educational Issues, 3) Connecting Members and the World and 4) Bringing the SAP to Life. At the Executive Board meeting new and continuing liaisons shared their plans for the year and area workshops. I reported that our area would host a workshop in the spring if the COVID situation changes. The Executive Board voted to continue holding the Fall Board meeting virtually in order to save money on travel for members and to avoid a costly cancellation if in person meetings would not be possible. Fall Board will continue to be held on a Saturday & Sunday format which will be Sept. 24-25, 2022. I hope more of our chapter will log in next fall as it is a very worthwhile event (and free!) where you can attend only those parts that speak to your interests.

In Chapter business, our next meeting will be as follows:

Date - October 12, 2021 at 4:00 pm
Place – Washington Park Shelter
Dress warmly and bring a lap robe as it will be in the low 60’s!
Teri has a fun program( read about it in the Program Spotlight)!

I just finalized our program for November. We will be touring the new interactive Rocky Reach Discovery Center on Nov. 9. We will need to arrive there by 3:30 in order to have plenty of time to “play”. We will get an introduction from staff and then we can explore on our own. For those who want to car pool, we will meet at the Methodist Church parking lot at 3:00. More on this in next month’s newsletter!

Because of the uncertainty of our ability to use the Methodist Church, I will be approaching other churches to find a suitable meeting place for December. January and February will be Zoom meetings due to the uncertain weather.

Next month I will publish the list of Rose Buddies so we can make contacts with our friends and help them to attend meetings or learn how to use Zoom.

Rosa Eilert, President


Robert Sez:  Ask not what DKG can do for you but what you can do for DKG.


     After last month’s painting of river ROCKS, let’s find out about the kind of ROCKS
that need no painting, but instead, special cutting, polishing and setting, the kind that
we wear around our neck, on our fingers or dangle from our ears.
That’s right, special ROCKS called gems.

     We have invited two local gemologists to share their knowledge on these types of ROCKS to our October 12 meeting at Washington Park in the picnic shelter at 4:00.

     We will hear what a gemologist is and how he can administer tests to determine
what a particular gemstone is and how valuable it might be.  We will hear how the
cutting of these semi precious stones is done, what the design process involves, what
the difference between a carat and a karat is and what different ROCKS look like
 before all of this examination and work.

     Wear a piece of jewelry that holds a precious ROCK and if time allows, your piece
will be examined and your questions answered.

     And as our theme suggests, in addition to our program on these very beautiful and special ROCKS, cinnamon ROLLS will be served after the meeting.






Delta Kappa Gamma -Zeta Chapter Meeting
September 14, 2021- 4:00 PM Washington Park Shelter

Members Present:  Rosa Eilert, Teri St. Jean, Pauline Peterson, Maria Diaz, Sharon Paine, Ann Fuller, Tami Lopushinsky, Jeanne Lodge, Billie Lopushinsky, Sue Lawson, Geneva Jardine, Susan Floyd, Marilyn Weaver, and Sherry Schreck; Guests:  Ilona Ringler and Pam DePersio. 

      President Rosa Eilert brought the meeting to order.  She informed us that we are not required to wear masks at our outdoor meeting, and all the members of our group have been vaccinated. 

     Guests were introduced, and Rosa issued our yearly calendars and copies of The Strategic Action Plan for 2021-2026 years.  She also discussed the Fall Board meeting for October 2nd and 3rd.  Members can register for meetings available through DKG.Wa.

    The Washington State Organization of Delta Kappa Gamma has set up a Strategic Action Plan with the Membership goal of strengthening chapters, supporting members, recruiting new members, yielding an increase of 7% each year.   The Leadership goal is to recruit, train, and support new leaders at the chapter/state level with at least 15 new leaders each biennium.  The Program goal is to annually implement and measure the impact/effectiveness of four programs that advance educational excellence and social justice/equity, personal and professional development and service and global awareness.

     Rosa read the purposes of our group (written in 1929) to the members.  She indicated that our group needs a legislative person.  She reported on the Portland International Conference held in July and indicated that State President Pat Bennett Foreman asked attendees, “Why are we in Delta Kappa Gamma?”  Rosa led our group in exploring this question.  The top 3 responses will go to the State Organization.  The answers provided by members were:  camaraderie, keeping up on education, encouraging and supporting women educators, programs, scholarships (individual and group), supporting future educators, teachers helping teachers (love that is exuded), Heritage (coming full circle), learning so much.  DKG supports people through service projects. Members took turns marking their 3 choices from the list.

    Teri St. Jean has volunteered (to everyone’s appreciation) to be our Program Chairman once again. 

    Maria Diaz gave the Treasurer’s report and informed us that Chapter Funds are:  $2897.73 and Scholarship Funds are:  $8392.43.  The treasury has benefitted from the leadership of Geneva Jardine who has facilitated the Mill Bay Casino trips and funds.  We will miss Geneva who has been downsizing and preparing for a move to Idaho. The Mill Bay proceeds have been a substantial part of our income.  Taking over the leadership will be Pauline Peterson and Denise Perkins.

     Teri conducted the monthly raffle for the gift basket (candles), and Rosa selected the name of Pauline Peterson. 

     Teri led the program of painting rocks as indicated in the newsletter and reflective of our theme of Rock and Roll.  She and Rosa distributed materials for painting, and members chose  to express their feelings, sentiments, words of encouragement, scenery, or animals to paint on their rocks.  Members had a great time developing their artwork!  She and Rosa organized the materials and left the imagination to the group.

     Rosa told members that they can join the monthly Zoom meetings and is hoping that they do so.  The meeting was adjourned.

 Respectfully yours,  Sherry Chastain Schreck, Recording Secretary





This month's raffle prize

Hope you a good September and looking forward to seeing you at our next
Delta Kappa Gamma meeting




4 -  Barbara Myles
14 - Susan Floyd


My roses-Ken Kohnhorst

Zeta Chapter Officers

President-Rosa Eilert, Area 8 Liaison
1st Vice-President-Teri St. Jean - Programs
2nd Vice-President- Mardine Larsen - Membership
Treasurer- Maria Diaz
Recording Secretary -
Gloria Waddell/Sherry Schreck
Corresponding Secretary - Cathy Reasor
Parliamentarian - Marilynn Weaver
Past President - Geneva McCoy Jardine