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Dear Sisters,

Can you believe our weather lately? I have had my yard thatched then the wind blew down cones all over, then it snowed, and now it is sunny and lovely! That’s spring here in the Wenatchee Valley. April will be a full month for DKG including our regular meeting and WSO Virtual Convention. But first a word about our members. Sharon Paine returns to Seattle for her second surgery on her heart valves this week…we wish her safe travels and good outcomes. Billie Lopushinsky and Arlene Jones are both recovering well at home. I have asked Ken Kohnhorst to include his latest e-mail to us about Charlotte and his recent heart procedures. Geneva McCoy is in Twin Falls, Idaho visiting family and saying goodbye to a nephew. Denise Perkins and Pauline Peterson will organize our Casino Trip April 10. If you have other news of members, please share with me so I can keep us in touch.

Our April 13 program will feature Angela Banker educating us about oils and aromatherapy. She and her husband, a chiropractor, have been educating about health-building therapies in nutrition and use of oils at his practice. Our Zoom meeting will be at 4:00. I will be sending the log in info on the weekend before and day of the meeting.

I will be forwarding information to all of those with available technology concerning the virtual WSO Convention April 26-May 1 so that you can register for whichever sessions are of interest to you. I just received the information.
The Regional Conference in Portland July 7-9 is still planned for in person attendance. Information for registering is available on the state or international website.
I talked to Kriss Crilly, our scholarship chair, and no applications so far for our scholarships. We are hoping some arrive by the deadline this week.

This issue of the newsletter will include the minutes and photos of our March meeting, raffle basket photo, a Blast from the Past, and Charlotte’s photo. 

Happy Spring!

Rosa Eilert, President


Another decade passes and Delta Kappa Gamma members are
STILL busy serving, learning and socializing.

Members listed in our scrapbook these years:

Peggy Adams, Mary Louise Schneider, Helen Barnes, Betty Avery, Marge Walker,
Marie Buckner, Estel Taylor, Pauline Peterson, Louise Kenoyer, Dorothy Rogers,
Nancy Valeson, Geneva McCoy, June Hill, Billie Rappe’, Nellie O’Keefe, Marie Fox,
Barbara Myles, Wilma Stellingwerf, Sharon Paine, Joanne Dalinkus, Mary Perkins,
Harriet Wilbour, Jan Derifield, Ardis Van Well, Denise Perkins, Charleyne Roberts,
Marge Stegeman, Charlotte Kohnhorst, Marilyn Hauck, Dorothy Rogers, Carmen Bossenbrock,
Helen Bennett, Joyce Drolo, Kathleen VanWell, Sue Lawson,
Julie Ryan, Trudy Worthing, Betty Carrick, Julia Hoon and Michelle Louden.

The DKG ladies featured above, all participated in one or many of the following opportunities:

Area 8 Workshops
Hat Day
Ridge to River
Highway Clean Up
Summer Meetings
Executive Board Meetings
Lunch Meeting at Wild Huckleberry
Summer Swim Party
Doll House Workshop and Tea
Make a Difference Day
Adopt a Highway Projects
Monthly Meetings
Initiation Ceremonies


AND… we received a Certificate of Achievement for the chapter’s new web site
AND… Joanne Dalinkus was selected to join a High school Counseling
delegations’ visit to China
AND… we awarded scholarships to local high school girls to
help with their college expenses
AND… Miss Pearl Mead, Whitman School teacher, celebrated her 100th birthday
Delta Kappa Gamma Meeting
 March, 2021 -Zoom Meeting 4:00 PM
President Rosa Eilert convened the DKG meeting at 4:00 p.m.,

Delta Kappa Gamma - March 9, 2021
Zoom Meeting. 4:30 p.m.

Members in attendance were President Rosa Eilert, Teri St. Jean, Kris Crilly, Denise Perkins, Marilyn Weaver, Mardine Larsen, Tami Lopushinsky, Cathy Reasor, Betty Carrick, Ann Fuller, Geneva McCoy, and Sherry Schreck.

President Rosa Eilert called the meeting to order and introduced members to Joyce O’Neal
and Nancy Hulse who presented a Tai Chi program. They teach a class at the WRAC
in Wenatchee. Zeta Chapter members were able to watch their demonstration of a
variety of movements from their 24-Form program. The exercises are for balance, stress relief,
 and concentration. Techniques are used to stay calm, to utilize deep breathing, and for mental
 and physical well-being. The class is for one hour, but class members may stay as long a
 they want. Stretching is involved and therapeutic. Stretches are low impact. Tai Chi also
with rehabilitation and includes imagination.

Betty Carrick inquired as to whether a person must belong to the WRAC. Joyce indicated
that most class members are from the WRAC. Interested persons should contact their office.
Therapy is incorporated in the movement, and a person should check with a doctor after
surgery. Tai Chi is low impact, slow, and includes meditation.

Rosa asked about where Tai Chi originated, and Joyce indicated that it started thousands
of years ago in China. Joyce stated that theirs is a 10:00 a.m. class, but they would like
 a  couple of 9:00 a.m. classes. There is room for more people in the class, as they
have a small, supportive group.
Joyce and Nancy demonstrated the 24-Form movements again for our group.
Delta Kappa Gamma members applauded and showed their appreciation of the program.

Denise reported that Sharon Paine had heart valve work at University Hospital in
Seattle and came through “with flying colors.” Tami Lopushinsky said that her mother-in-law,
Billie, is getting better with improved range of motion in her shoulder since her surgery.
According to Rosa, Marile Kunkel said that Arlene Jones took a fall and has had
a partial hip replacement. She is home and doing much better.

To our many friends:
Thought I would update folks on current medical status of the Kohnhorst household as
I have had several phone calls and felt it was time to keep everyone updated. 

Here’s the current update on Ken Kohnhorst: 

On March 17 I had Aortic valve replacement. 
On March 18 I had Pacemaker implanted

I am healing slowly and thus far I am able to manage taking care of Charlotte.  It is not easy
 but I am going to see how it goes.  She has home care on Monday, Wednesday & Fridays and
 I am looking to find someone to perhaps fill in the other days. If you know of a health care
individual please let me know. Charlotte is holding her own but she has some bad days but medication is helping.  She still is eating, walking and talking…but limited. 
 What will happen as we go forward is hard to say.  Only time will tell

 Here's is great photo from March 17th -  Four generations

President Rosa informed members that the April meeting will be at 4:00 p.m. and will focus
upon oils and aromatherapy. Area 5 has had a focus on wellness, including exercise
and nutrition. May will feature SAIL classes (Staying Active In Life). There is a video
one can get on YouTube. We will be using Zoom through June and highlighting
“Wellness.” Teri suggested that we invite a doctor or nurse to discuss the COVID situation.

It was agreed that the Sunday and Tuesday notifications of the Zoom meetings work well.
The Regional Conference in Portland, sponsored by International, will be attended by
President Rosa; it is July 6-11, and members can let Rosa know if they are interested.
The Grand Coulee group has seven people attending. The State Convention starts
April 26th and goes through May 1st virtually. Rosa discussed a topic of concern:
Redistricting, a difficult process with a political element.

Program Chairmam, Teri St. Jean, presented the beautiful raffle basket that Geneva McCoy
put together (with some candy from Teri). From a St. Patrick’s Day hat, she drew
the name of Tami Lopushinsky!

A discussion was held regarding the status of in person learning. Denise Perkins asked
why some schools have been fully in the classroom since September and others have not.
Seattle wants to stay online until the end of the school year. The situations for each
district depend on the School Board, Teachers’ Unions, Space,
Bussing, and various other factors.
Kris Crilly revealed that there are no scholarship applicants yet for the Marje Stegeman
and Ruby Long scholarships. She has contacted every high school in the area, and t
here have been two newspaper articles.

President Rosa led a discussion of what members are doing and plan to do during this
COVID period of time. It was a pleasant culmination of the meeting to find out about
get-togethers and planned reunions with friends and family.
The meeting was then adjourned.

Respectfully, Sherry Chastain Schreck
Recording Secretary



19 - Julia Hoon


Zeta Chapter Officers

President-Rosa Eilert, Area 8 Liaison
1st Vice-President-Teri St. Jean - Programs
2nd Vice-President- Mardine Larsen - Membership
Treasurer- Maria Diaz
Recording Secretary -
Gloria Waddell/Sherry Schreck
Corresponding Secretary - Cathy Reasor
Parliamentarian - Marilynn Weaver
Past President - Geneva McCoy Jardine