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Dear Sisters,

Think we will ever get out of this gray, cold winter of Omicron?  Regardless,  I am optimistic that Life will be much more like it used to be by spring…new leaves, new life! I am really looking forward to this next meeting Rockin’ Recipes. It will be fun to see your healthy recipes and the product at our Zoom meeting Feb. 8, 2022 at 4 p.m. Send me your recipes and I will try to get them printed or e-mailed to everyone in a timely manner!

I will be sending the Zoom link on the Sunday before the meeting, but if you would prefer, use our ID and passcode as follows:

ID# 863 9752 1291        Passcode: 863329

I am including this note I got from Sara Rolfs who brought us up to date with Pinnacles Prep at our January meeting:

Hi Rosa,

We are looking for some tutors to help out during Math class and during our intervention time. Wondering if you might pitch to your Zeta group to see if anyone is interested.

6/7 math - 9:30 - 10:30 and then 10:30 - 11:30

Small group/1:1 tutoring - 11:30 - 12:15 6th grade and 12:17 - 1:04 7th grade

We have some funding to provide stipends.

Thanks for considering!


If you are interested, contact her at sara@pinnaclesprep.org

Since this year we will be trying to have an Area 8 workshop with Beta Upsilon (Grand Coulee), Caryn Mills, president at Beta Upsilon, and I have been working to get it on the calendar and planned. Currently it is planned for Dry Falls State Park on April 23, 2022 from 10:00 to 2:00. We will meet at the Visitor Center there at 10:00, have some coffee and goodies provided by Beta Upsilon followed by a tour of the Visitor Center by David McWalter, the interpretative specialist. He will discuss the geology of the area and the history. If he has enough staff, he will also lead us on a driving tour in the park. If he is short staffed, he is working with me so I can lead the tour. We will conclude at the park around 1:00. For those who want lunch, we will eat at
Banks Lake Brew & Bistro…ordering off the menu. Registration materials will be available the first of March with registration closing April 15. We will organize car pools and for those who might need STEM clock hours, I am working with state to determine if we can qualify. Doesn’t this sound like a fun adventure? 

This week, I received the newsletter from Theta Chapter in Yakima and a registration form for their Area 1 Workshop on April 30, 2022. I will be forwarding it to all of you. It would be fun to attend…I would take a car if some of you would like to go.

I think that is all for this month. In this newsletter should be my note, Teri’s program highlights, the thorough minutes from January that Sherry does, and the Raffle Basket.

    Rosa Eilert, President






 With Christmas and the New Year food fest over, we need some yummy healthy foods to enjoy.  Perhaps eating less and more healthy was one of your resolutions, but you need help with being successful. Never fear, our members are here.

If everyone shares a recipe at our February ZOOM meeting AND shows a sample of the finished product, we should all be able to have a wonderful month of healthy eating. I wish we could
just hand each other our choices, but how about sending a written copy by way of snail mail
to Rosa, or a screen shot from your phone text or email to Rosa, or try holding your recipe
up to the zoom screen for others to copy.  Rosa has volunteered to send the recipes to all,
 either by computer or letter carrier.

Let’s ROLL with these recipes and ROCK the rest of the year.


DKG Members Rock 
Marilynn Weaver is one of the two featured artists for the month of February at
Wenatchee’s Two Rivers Art Gallery. She will be showing several of her watercolors
all month and will welcoming friends at the gallery on February 4, from 5:00 to 8:00. 
Come enjoy the art, visit with others and enjoy a glass of wine.



Delta Kappa Gamma Meeting
 Zeta Chapter Meeting via Zoom
January 11, 2022. 4:00 pm 

Members Present:  President Rosa Eilert, Program Chairman, Teri St. Jean, Membership Chairman, Mardine Larsen; Denise Perkins, Billie Lopushinsky, Ann Fuller, Cathy Reasor, Marilyn Weaver, Sue Lawson, and Sherry Schreck. 

President Rosa Eilert introduced our guest speaker, Sara Rolfs, who is a leader at the Pinnacles School, a charter school in Wenatchee.  She considers herself a “jack of all trades,” and has had a variety of vocations.  She was a graduate of Wenatchee High School (1990); has worked for Head Start; was a volunteer for STEM; a volunteer for the North Central Washington Museum.  She has been a member of a group that explored the possibilities of a smaller school and founded the Charter School, Pinnacles. Funding sources have brought in several million dollars for education.

  In reflecting upon a Semester of Schooling at Pinnacles, she has observed that they have experienced issues such as Covid (a national concern); they scored well on a school survey; they chose to focus on three or four areas to achieve and scored high in relationships.  They offered second quarter Clubs, e.g. the Drama Club has worked on a presentation of Peter Pan.

 The group has changed their daily schedule several times, and the Impact Clubs have not involved all teachers because some do not have enough preparation time.  Also, Transportation has been a problem, but they have a driver currently training with the Eastmont School District.  They are working on scheduling for Quarter 3 and setting up a tutoring plan for after school.

They also are trying to have more rigorous Math as parents want accelerated courses such as Algebra.

 Sara responded to member questions, relating that they have 109 students; they refer to the students as scholars; the length of school is 8:00 am to 3:30 pm; they are receiving positive feedback from parents, e.g. having a smaller school is a plus; parents come in and are part of an advisory committee.  One question was “Where are the students coming from?”  Her answer was that 50-60% are from Wenatchee; 15% are from home schooling; 15% are from Eastmont; 5% are from private schools.  One student came to Wenatchee from Quincy.

 She stated that the teachers have the same benefits and requirements as public school educators.

 Pinnacles has a “great hall” and a performance studio that is used for a humanities class.  Music takes place in the cafeteria.  Sara indicated that the school is constantly evolving, and that they would grade themselves as a “B” or “B-“ for now.  They are trying to do things differently and striving to keep inspired, maintaining flexibility.

 On February 23rd they will begin receiving applications, and once they receive capacity, they will have a weighted lottery.

Responding to questions, Sara stated that they have a Physical Education program that consists of activities such as a 45 minute session at a park, playing soccer or games; walking or hiking.  They also have Intervention programs such as ELA, Special Education, and Lexia, an online program.  They also are planning for growth, hoping to have two more classrooms, and to build in the N.W. corner space.

President Rosa commented on the “cheerfulness” of the colorful environment at Pinnacles.  Sara concluded her program which was greatly appreciated by the members.

Teri St. Jean conducted the Raffle, and the winner was Ann Fuller who received a DKG national cookbook!

Members reported on the health progress of colleagues, and Rosa and Teri discussed future programs yet to be announced.  Rosa talked about the possibility of an April field trip that would be a geology workshop at Dry Falls that might include a museum tour and lunch in Coulee City. They polled members who are definitely interested. 

Teri stated that the February meeting would be “Rockin” Recipes.  At the Zoom meeting members would share recipes and present an example of the finished product.

Rosa is working on improving communications via email and paper copies.  Some people are not receiving the Newsletter. Rosa is working on our DKG Directory, and we have between 25 and 30 members, including Honorary Members. 

Rosa gave the Treasurer’s report from Maria Diaz:  Our scholarship fund has 9,643.85, and our checking account has $3,304.95.

At the conclusion of the meeting, many thanks were extended to Rosa who set up and conducted our Zoom discussion!   The meeting was adjourned.

         Respectfully yours,
         Sherry Chastain Schreck
         Recording Secretary

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Here's last month's winner!
Ann Fuller with Teri 


06-Marile Sexson Kunkel
16-Terri St Jean

21 - Marggie Walke



Zeta Chapter Officers

President-Rosa Eilert, Area 8 Liaison
1st Vice-President-Teri St. Jean - Programs
2nd Vice-President- Mardine Larsen - Membership
Treasurer- Maria Diaz
Recording Secretary -
Gloria Waddell/Sherry Schreck
Corresponding Secretary - Cathy Reasor
Parliamentarian - Marilynn Weaver
Past President - Geneva McCoy Jardine