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Dear Sisters in DKG,

My apologies that this newsletter is a bit late, but I had some details to work out and I must admit, the gray winter has made me a lot less organized and I have become a great ditherer…is that a word? I am so thrilled to announce that we will have Jill Fineis, the founding principal of Pinnacles Prep as our program in January at our meeting via Zoom on January 12, Tuesday, at 4:00 p.m. I have asked her to discuss their proposed curriculum and plans for the remodel of the old St. Joseph’s Church/ Community Center. She will present her program first and be open for questions afterward. As you know, a charter school is a publicly funded school which is tuition free. A lengthy application process occurred and their founding board is made up of a variety of people….but she can tell you about it much better than I can. We will continue after her program with a surprise question, an update on the rewrite of our Marje Stegeman scholarship application by Kriss Crilly (whose recovery amazes me!), and news of members.

This issue will include the minutes of our Dec. Zoom meeting, a Blast from the Past, a photo of our Zoom meeting and the new raffle basket and Kriss’s proposed application for the Marje Stegeman scholarship.

Wishing everyone a better year in 2021 and access to the vaccines that we hope may bring back some normality in our lives.

Rosa Eilert, President




ZETA Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, education honorary, shared the
"International Tasting" luncheon sponsored by the
American Association of University Women Saturday at the YWCA.

Funds from this project are used for the Wenatchee Valley College
scholarship named for the founder of the Wenatchee Branch of the AAUW, Dorothy Pohlman, who is a chapter and state honorary member of Delta Kappa Gamma.

Mrs. Stanley Mettler presented the program
"Women--Agents of Change: How Are WE doing?"

Using slides and audiotape, Mrs. Mettler explained challenges women face while each member gave a summary of what she is doing to bring about change.
There were many educational, volunteer and charitable services listed by the women.

Mrs. Mettler began her talk with the quote, "The hand that rocks the cradle can indeed
rock the boat,"
from Dr. Bernice Sandler of the Association of American Colleges
"Pursue a thought, dare a little--become a decision maker,"
Mrs. Mettler challenged in closing the program.

Reports from the state executive board, meeting held October 7 in Spokane were
given by those attending from Zeta Chapter: Miss Estella Kyne, Treasurer;
 Mrs. C.S.Wilbour, junior past president; Miss Mary Louise Schneider, president: and
Miss Helen Bennett, liaison for the International Convention of DKG in Seattle, in 1974.
Recently appointed chairman for Zeta Chapter were Miss Holcomb, necrology, and Mrs. Victor Richardson, historian.

The Year was 1972

The group was urged to support Referendum Bill No. 31, providing capital support for Washington's Community College System by putting into effect the law enacted by 1972 special session legislature.

"The more things change, the more they stay the same"........Teri


Zeta Chapter, Delta Kappa Gamma Meeting
December 8, 2020 , 4:00 PM Zoom Meeting

Members present: Rosa Eilert, Teri St. Jean, Mardine Larsen, Maria Diaz,
Denise Perkins, Betty Carrick, Cathy Reasor, Tammy Lopushinsky,
Billie Lopushinsky, Kris Crilly, Susan Floyd, Ann Fuller, Marilyn Weaver,
and Sherry Schreck.

Before the meeting came to order, President Rosa indicated that we were in the
State Newsletter and acknowledged for helping with literacy: gathering books for
 Columbia School collecting money for birthdays for the Literacy Council, providing
funds for the ESL program at the First United Methodist Church.

President Rosa called the meeting to order. The group discussed the Marje Stegeman Scholarship. Kris Crilly asked about the suggestion that the scholarship go to a
high school student who had a family member in education. It was suggested that
family member would refer to the family member that the student was living with.
Denise Perkins agreed with this narrowing of the definition, that it “made sense” to her.

The essay response is to focus on how the family member influenced their pursuit to
gain an education (Kris). Kris expressed her concern that it would be a scholarship
that would help out the children of teachers. It was emphasized that the “family member” could be a librarian, a custodian, a parapro, a bus driver, etc. employed by the School District. Maria Diaz suggested that it would be indicated if the family member was a
 half-time educator, a full time educator, or other. The check for the scholarship goes
to the Financial Aid department of the school the student is attending.

President Rosa queried the members of the group about a favorite family tradition.
She indicated that she makes goodies. Other members mentioned places that they
travel but will instead be on Zoom because of Covid; the making of white chocolate
covered pretzels and a special mustard; opening one gift on Christmas eve; making
pumpkin bread to give to friends; making Lefsa and lutefisk; spending Christmas with a nearly 100 year old adopted “Mom”; making Hammond rolls; attending a Christmas
pageant and service at the church (which won’t happen this year); making Pirogi
together and having a marshmallow fight; making fruitcakes; making peppernuts
(Danish) and pickled salmon; children’s Mass at St. Joe’s; and other traditions.

President Rosa stated that the State branch has sent out a newsletter, and Carmen Bossenbrock was delighted to receive it. She can no longer make it to our night meetings. Also, Ken Kohnhorst communicated that he is getting help with his wife, Charlotte.
Program Chairman, Teri St. Jean, is working on scrapbooks, and she has added the
last 5-6 years. Members are enjoying her “Blast from the Past.” The next one will come from 1972. Betty Avery called her and was complimentary. She said she used to walk
past Grace Weister’s decorated house and loved that.
Teri will continue the “Blast from the Past.”

Teri has been responsible for the lovely raffle baskets, and she drew
Betty Carrick’s name for the evening’s basket that she put together.
Cathy Reasor, our Corresponding Secretary, received a nice note from Carmen Bossenbrock thanking the group and indicating that she misses DKG. She also
 sent a copy of the program from her brother’s funeral service.

President Rosa offered an idea about having book reviews shared with the group.
She held up the book “An Absent Mind” which gives family perspectives on Alzheimers
and dementia. This book was from a list of Book Club favorites. Because of her
experience with her husband before he passed, she found it to be an engrossing book.
She suggested that we share book reviews in the future.

Rosa stated that there will be another Zoom meeting in January. She is trying to
recruit a mental health expert to share ideas about the issues online. Rosa also stated
that there would be no in-person meetings yet because of Covid.
Geneva Jardine informed us that we have earned $350 from the Mill Bay Casino project, and that we at least have some income, despite the cancellation of a few trips.
Geneva remarked on how safe members feel there because of Mill Bay’s strict
medical and sanitary guidelines.

President Rosa discussed State committee planning that will outline four programs
that are applicable to State chapters, e.g., personal growth, technology, etc. These will
help out Chapter Program Chairpersons. Treasurer Maria Diaz voiced a “thank-you” to Geneva Jardine for her work with Mill Bay for our financial well-being. Maria informed
 us that we have $2975.40 in our Checking Account and $8261.20 in our Scholarship funds. We offer two $1000 scholarships.

President Rosa discussed the “Strong Women Achieving Greatness” program (SWAG)
for young women and a Zoom meeting being held Saturday morning, 9:30-11:00 am.
She will email us more about the program. 
On a positive note, Rosa adjourned the meeting.
Respectfully, Sherry Chastain Schreck, Recording Secretary


Marje Stegeman Scholarship
Ruby Long College Scholarship


Go to your search engine (Google, Safari, etc.) and search for Zoom.
When you find the website, look for the “Join a Meeting” icon on
top navigation bar...Click that icon and when it asks
 for the ID number and password...Here it is:

ID# -  848 6955 2285
Passcode – DKG



02-Denise Perkins
14-Betty Avery

06-Marile Sexson Kunkel
10-Nellie O'Keefe
16-Terri St Jean
21- Grace Lynch


Zeta Chapter Officers

President-Rosa Eilert, Area 8 Liaison
1st Vice-President-Teri St. Jean - Programs
2nd Vice-President- Mardine Larsen - Membership
Treasurer- Maria Diaz
Recording Secretary -
Gloria Waddell/Sherry Schreck
Corresponding Secretary - Cathy Reasor
Parliamentarian - Marilynn Weaver
Past President - Geneva McCoy Jardine