March 2021                        


Dear Sisters,

I imagine most of us have had both of our COVID vaccinations by now, but we still need to follow the masking, social distancing, and hand washing protocols…which means no in person meetings for awhile…RATS! I hope everyone who is online got the announcements of the Area 5 Wellness workshop next Saturday, March 5 and the Speak Up School about redistricting which begins March 2 and continues on March 6, 11 and 25. Register if you are interested. I missed the legislative forum on Feb. 24 due to a health issue. Did anyone attend it?

Our next meeting is coming up soon on March 9, at 4:30 p.m. We will be hosting an informative and instructive program about Tai Chi presented by Joyce O’Neal and Nancy Hulse. Joyce and Nancy are practitioners and teachers at the WRAC. They will tell us some of the history of the practice, why it helps with wellness, and show us some of the moves involved. Be ready to participate if you want to join them. When I toured China in 2018, we participated in Tai Chi in a park with Chinese seniors who did it every day. Their grace and flexibility were amazing! Join us for this experience…who knows, it may be something you might like to get involved with.

Our meetings in April and May will also focus on wellness with programs about essential oils/aromatherapy and SAIL exercise programs for seniors. After so much time in our homes, perhaps we need new ideas for our health.

I will have more information about State Convention in our next two newsletters. If you are interested in the International Conference in Portland in July, you should get reservations made at the Marriot. I have talked to Caryn Mills, President of Beta Upsilon, Grand Coulee chapter and to date, they have 7 planning to attend. Read your winter version of Alpha Sigma News for information about candidates for state office, more details of state convention, books to read, etc. If you did not receive an e-mail from our state webmaster, Mary Lou Gregory, with it attached…let me know and I will forward it to you.

In this newsletter, you will find a fun Blast from the Past by Teri St. Jean, pictures of the last zoom meeting and the raffle basket, and minutes of our February meeting.

Rosa Eilert, President


The early 90’s --- a busy time for Wenatchee DKG.

While the world was preparing to celebrate the Olympic Games in Barcelona,
Bill Clinton’s election as President of U.S., the releasing of Microsoft Windows 3.1
and in 1992, and then mourning the loss of 30 homes in the Wenatchee’s
Rocklund neighborhood, our local DKG was getting ready for the
50th anniversary of Wenatchee’s Zeta Chapter.

Noreen Horsell presented a program on Big Books, Helen Bennett and
Lillian Avery were honored for their service to DKG, church, and community,
Estell Taylor received appreciation for heading the Centennial project which
honored teachers of one room school houses. Wilma Stellingwerf was co-chair.

A published booklet was created by Marie Fox /drawing, Audrey Chan Nui/typing
and Jane Lovejoy/ research. Mary Ann Johnson received a state award for service,
Sonja Yeager accepted a job as assistant principal in Central Kitsap School District,
Carol Busch continued to improve from her near fatal car accident, Nell O’Keefe
ran the museum gift shop.

Monthly meetings were held at Smitty’s, 4 Seasons,
Grant School of Ephrata, the Circus Room of the Columbia Hotel, Red Lion,
Trinity Methodist Church, Canyon Creek Club House, Almira Community Center,
Colonial Vista, and in the homes of members Peggy Adams, and Beth Boyd.
Marie Buchner, Sharon Paine, Maria Diaz, and Kay Fuson
were welcomed as new members.

The 50th anniversary celebration itself was held March 28 with DKG president,
Kay Ryan presiding. Helping to arrange the dinner ‘party’ were officers Kay,
Marie Buckner, Helen Bennett, Margaret Weed, Marie Fox, Wilma Stellingwerf,
Harriet Wilbour, Charleyne Roberts and Mary Louis Schneider, Jill Anderson,
Cathy Reasor and Jane Lovejoy.

As members reflected at the close of 1992, these
words seemed to sum up the feelings of all.

“The world is blest most by those who do things,
and not by those who talk about them”

J.J. Ingals

Delta Kappa Gamma Meeting
 February, 2021
Zoom Meeting 4:00 PM
President Rosa Eilert convened the DKG meeting at 4:00 p.m.,

Delta Kappa Gamma
Zeta Chapter ZOOM Meeting
Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Members present online: President, Rosa Eilert, Program Chairperson, Teri St. Jean,
Membership Chairman, Mardine Larsen; Denise Perkins, Geneva Jardine, Billie Lopushinsky,
Tammy Lopushinsky, Kriss Crilly, Cathy Reasor, Sharon Paine, Marilyn Weaver, Karen Bray,
Ann Fuller, Joanne Dalinkus, and Sherry Schreck. Guests: State President, Susan Fritts,
and School Patrol Honoree, Alex Anguiano.

President Rosa Eilert introduced School Patrol award winner, Alex Anguiano to the group.
He is currently Vice President of the Pioneer Middle School. Alex stated that being
in the School Patrol has been a “fun and cool” experience. There is a training program,
and application forms are filled out by those wanting to be a Sergeant., Lieutenant, or
Captain.  Each applicant is interviewed for the job. There are 2 School Patrol teams for
morning and afternoon. Alex was chosen to be Captain of the Patrol wherein he tried
to reward students for  good choices (prizes). After completing an essay and answering
questions, he was nominated by the Patrol advisor. Ten students and one
advisor were selected by AAA. They were given tickets to a Mariner’s game,
and he was able to take a guest, his grandmother, along. He was given his award
and met AAA representatives. Alex said he has a passion for  Safety and has enjoyed the relationships with others.

Alex discussed his school schedule: online in the morning; time for homework; in school learning
in the afternoon. He indicated that it was difficult being online and easier to be in person where
he could achieve help and explanations. Everyone has been excited about being back in school!
Alex wants to keep the School Patrol going for the sake of other students. He has enjoyed
being Vice-President of the Student Body. The majority of officers have been boys this year,
and 6th graders are representatives. He is considering running for President next year.
He would like a career in aviation, perhaps to be a pilot. Kriss Crilly informed him that this is the
90th anniversary of the Pangborn flight. The members expressed their positive responses to
 Alex’s presentation.

President Rosa introduced Susan Fritts, State President. She discussed the State Convention
and has listened to members’ input. There is a need to spread out the workshops. The convention
 is in Olympia at the Red Lion, April 30th and May 1 if it is held in person. They will work out a
week of workshops April 26 through May 1st virtually. The “kickoff” will be a musical presentation
 by Janice Moen of DKG songs. The workshops will be 5-7 pm and will be Zoom 101, Zoom 102,
How to host Zoom, Redistricting, Stem 1 and Stem 2, Mental Health, etc.

The Keynote Speaker will be Connie Rensink from “International.” There will be a 15-20
minute break nightly for fun, yoga, art, etc. There is no registration fee for the Convention.

There will be a Pacific Northwest Conference from International on July 7-10th at the
Portland Marriot Waterfront Hotel at $194 per night. Two hundred members have signed up.
There are 40 workshops and a banquet. They will offer Parliamentary training. They are using
the 12th Edition of Robert’s Rules of Order that is easier to navigate. Marilyn Weaver,
our 96 year old Parliamentarian, was introduced to State President Susan Fritts.



21 - Marggie Walke

19 - Julia Hoon


This was produced from original Kohnhorst photo

Zeta Chapter Officers

President-Rosa Eilert, Area 8 Liaison
1st Vice-President-Teri St. Jean - Programs
2nd Vice-President- Mardine Larsen - Membership
Treasurer- Maria Diaz
Recording Secretary -
Gloria Waddell/Sherry Schreck
Corresponding Secretary - Cathy Reasor
Parliamentarian - Marilynn Weaver
Past President - Geneva McCoy Jardine