March 2023                   

From the oil painting collection of Ken Kohnhorst - Watch for huge sale coming of 100's of paintings

Dear  Sisters,

Just tested negative today after a week of quarantine for COVID! No idea where I got it! Getting better and can now leave my house in a mask. Looking forward to our meeting in March. Here are the details:

Date: March 14, 2023 at 4:00 p.m.

Place: FUMC back in our usual room downstairs.

Teri will tell you about the program and our service project for this month in the program spotlight. A few reminders:

1.    State Convention is April 28-30 at the Olympic Red Lion. I will be attending and I hope some of you might be interested in our first in person state meeting. I will have registration forms available at the meeting in March, due April 1.

2.    Our Healthy Chapter Survey needs your input…be honest so we can improve! I will include it in this newsletter so that those who get paper copies will be able to have input. Send it to me or bring it to the meeting in March.

3.    I completed a survey about changing to quadrant workshops. As president, I felt it was very difficult when we are in a big geographic area with small numbers of chapters and members to consistently offer high quality workshops and/or to attend thus I affirmed that this would be advantageous in our area.

4.    Remember dues need to be paid by June 30, so if you would like to pay in partial payments, contact Maria Diaz now.

5.    I passed out our new brochures at the February meeting, but I plan to take them out to find scholarship applicants in the area schools this month. An article will be in the World soon, I hope. Diana Haglund at the WSD office also has sent them out. Tami Lopushinsky and Sharon Paine have agreed to judge applications as they did last year…many thanks to them! Applications are due April 1…if you know someone who could benefit, pass along our information. Applications are on our website

6.    A picture of me delivering brochures and mittens at Rock Island School was in our state newsletter…thanks for donating so many. I took them to 3 Wenatchee schools, 3 Eastmont schools, and Orondo Elementary.

I think that should cover all that I need to pass on. Looking forward to seeing you the 14th!

Rosa Eilert, President


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Delta Kappa Gamma annual Spring luncheon
June 10,2023    11:30
Wenatchee Golf and Country Club

ROBERT SEZ:  Leaders come from the members thru the election process.   All members have the right to be considered for office.
Marilynn Weaver, Parliamentarian







This company is MAKING A DIFFERENCE and we can help! 
Chelan County Connection: Feb. 1 - YouTube
Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson from the Chelan County Moderate Risk Waste Facility, 3612 Highway 97A, will be our speaker in March.  He will give us the low down on what can and
what cannot be accepted at this recycling facility. Find out what are hazardous
waste products, how to take them to Aaron, what they do with them, and how
this makes our valley a safer place.

Aaron says if you are cleaning your garage, under your sink or your outbuilding
and you ask yourself, “I wonder what I should do with this.... paint, oil,
orchard spray, cleaning fluid, motor oil, full aerosol can, antifreeze,
cooking oil, furniture stain etc.” Bring it to this place!

Handouts from the Waste Management company will also be available, outlining what they will accept and what they will not accept as possible recycle items.  

Be one of the many people who recycle now and
are Making A Difference for our future.


Our service project for March is the ESL program here at the Methodist Church.
Valerie Newell will share with us a bit about the program and how monies
collected at our meeting will support the program.



Share your answers to these two important questions with members of the DKG board. 
Help make our monthly meetings better fit your needs and also
to validate how the meetings have been ‘right on’.


Delta Kappa Gamma Meeting
 Zeta Chapter Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, February 15, 2023
4:00 PM First United Methodist Church

 Present at the Meeting:  Rosa Eilert, Teri St. Jean, Sue Lawson, Denise Perkins, Maria Diaz, Pauline Peterson, Marilyn Weaver, Vinny Lee, Sharon Paine, Sue Floyd, Trudy Worthing, and Sherry Schreck.

 Rosa called the meeting to order.  Each member was issued a brochure about our organization.  She reported that she had visited various schools to give them copies of our new brochure.  She is also passing out the remainder of the mittens and hats for elementary children.

Teri, Program Chairman, introduced Dan Fraser, Director of Shared Services, from the Chelan County P.U.D.  He and his colleagues are “Making a Difference” in our community.  The P.U.D. is a large organization of 800 employees. He oversees six Departments.  He was a Public Works Director for 11 years.  Because the P.U.D. is moving to Olds Station, he is in the midst of some exciting work.  They are working on a new headquarters, taking a bigger look at their buildings with the help of an architectural firm.  They have evaluated their buildings and found that many are old and inefficient.  He oversees 100 buildings and their usage.  They are looking to generate money and to save money with their new project. 

The P.U.D. has had the help of a Citizen Advisory Committee.  Mr. Fraser works with David Lodge, and they analyze the construction management and what is needed to develop the project.  They have gone to service clubs to provide information.  They have worked with the Port to gain their properties, and they have 13 agreements. They are building a central headquarters and an administration building.  They have selected contractors, and they broke ground during the Covid Period, August of 2020.  The developing was proceeding until they began to find Native American artifacts.  They stopped construction and took time to talk to the local tribes.  This resulted in a delay of the building. 

They redid the economics of the project., making assessments.  They moved forward with the construction of the big Operations Center with the Administration building.  They made a graphic of the project.  Their goals were to achieve the best value for the long term; the best opportunities to serve customers; there will be a central area and a two-story customer lobby.

 They are staggering the opening of the facilities and the project will be finished by January of 2024.  Elected officials have been given a tour.  The center has been designed for efficiency and they are able to increase the number of cubicles easily.  They have had an Open House.

 Denise Perkins inquired if there will be a meeting room for the public, and Mr. Fraser affirmed that there would be one about half the size of the old one.  The old facility is being evaluated by groups such as the YMCA who have had a fund raising goal.  They don’t want to sell it to a developer.  There are a range of options for usage of the old building.  He has met with Music Theater representatives about their shared property.  Mixed use of the property creates more vibrancy and energy to the downtown area, e.g., retail and residential use.

 He concluded his presentation with answering member questions, and he said the P.U.D. will spend about 200 million dollars to reinvest in substations, power houses Rocky Reach Dam, etc.  There are still some areas that suffer power outages. The group attempts to keep power rates low and to provide surveillance and security. 

The members voiced their appreciation of his presentation, and the program portion of the meeting was concluded.

Rosa conducted the Business Meeting.  Treasurer Maria Diaz reported that we have $2500 in our general fund and $8290 in our scholarship fund.  Rosa informed the group of Bill Stegeman’s note indicating that he and his son would like to contribute to the Marje Stegeman Scholarship.

Teri, as Program Chairman, related that we had a good donation of light bulbs for Lighthouse Ministries.  Rosa is still taking mittens and hats to local schools.  It was suggested that we give out brochures to possible members and to those interested in the scholarships. 

 Denise told the group that we have 20 people for our trip to the Mill Bay Casino in order to earn scholarship money.  Also, Denise and Rosa rewrote our Chapter Rules.  Denise proofread them.

 Rosa stated that we are doing well with our action plan of carrying out service projects. 

We need to fill out forms evaluating the “health” of our chapter and return them to her.

 Rosa passed around a valentine’s container so members could contribute Birthday celebration money for the Literacy Project.  Maria collected the money.  Lastly, members were encouraged to write a note to members of our group, indicating that we are missing their presence at the meetings. 

Teri chose the raffle ticket for the evening, and the gift basket went to Sharon Paine. President Rosa adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully yours.
Sherry Chastain Schreck
Recording Secretary


16-Terri St Jean

21 - Marggie Walke



Zeta Chapter Officers

President-Rosa Eilert, Area 8 Liaison
1st Vice-President-Teri St. Jean - Programs
2nd Vice-President- Mardine Larsen - Membership
Treasurer- Maria Diaz
Recording Secretary -
Gloria Waddell/Sherry Schreck
Corresponding Secretary - Cathy Reasor
Parliamentarian - Marilynn Weaver
Past President - Geneva McCoy Jardine