May 2020                        

Dear Sisters in DKG,

Seems like forever since I have seen your faces and I miss you! I am really enjoying talking to you as I am in the midst of a second round of calling all of you. I recently collaborated in a Zoom WSO(Washington State Org.) Executive Board meeting which replaced our state convention in Olympia. Many decisions regarding the upcoming two years were proposed & voted upon by state officers, area liaisons and chapter presidents/designees. As a result, I have some business to discuss with all of you and I hope to see you soon, but for now, digital and paper communication will be our new reality.

1. Our June luncheon at the Country Cub has been cancelled. Teri St. Jean, our amazing program chairman, is working on scheduling a late July luncheon so we can get together to celebrate this past year and preview the upcoming DKG year.

2. Kriss Crilly, our scholarship chairman, despite good publicity, received no applications for our scholarships. We will offer education majors the opportunity again next year.

3. Mardine Larsen and Teri St. Jean have asked not to be nominated for their positions as 1st (programs) & 2nd (membership) vice presidents for the next biennium. We hope that some of you will offer to fill these positions before our July luncheon. Please contact me or Denise Perkins, nomination committee. I am willing to continue as president and the rest of your board, Maria Diaz, treasurer, Sherry Schreck & Gloria Waddell, recording secretaries, Cathy Reasor, corresponding secretary, Marilynn Weaver, parliamentarian have also agreed to continue on in their positions. Due to the COVID 19 shut down this spring, we have moved three programs to the September, October, & November meetings. Teri St. Jean will continue to be a greeter, artistic table decorator and raffle basket provider.

4. In mid-May, Maria Diaz, our treasurer, will be sending each of you a letter regarding dues for the 2020-2021 year. As you probably recall, last year due date for payment changed from Sept. 30 to June 30 per DKG Intl. She will be enclosing a letter pertaining to options for payment and due dates with a form to submit regarding your choice and a stamped envelope to use to send payment. The short version of her letter is that you may pay in one installment or 2 with due dates June 30, 2020 for 1st half or entire amount and July 31, 2020 for second half. The entire amount is $94 or 2 payments of $47. Because our casino income for scholarship & chapter expenses has ended (we hope temporarily), we cannot lower dues to fund our local chapter expenses. We know all of us have been impacted by COVID 19 so it is our sincere hope that can all continue in membership.  -----  
Rosa Eilert, President

Robert sez: Normally, Marilynn Weaver would have a tip from Robert’s Rules of Order, but her life was turned upside down recently….please read her letter...

"At 1:10AM Friday morning, March 27th, I had a rude awakening.
A van crashed into the wall next to my bedroom. My neighbor and I were OK and eventually relocated to another room. Very traumatic!

That afternoon, that very day, a beautiful bouquet was delivered to me in my "new room”! The card read, "Glad you're OK". Your Delta Kappa Gamma Sisters.

Such a thoughtful gesture at such a needful time. It meant so much to me then...and now. Thank you."


Adjusting to life of the Pandemic perhaps is the biggest challenge of our members but we definitely will have lots of stories to tell when we have the chance to get together. Zeta Chapter lost a dear member, Bonnie Janssen, on April 7. She was an elementary school teacher for a couple years but continued her work in education as a supportive spouse to her husband, Al, Eastmont’s Assistant Superintendent from 1966 until retiring. Bonnie was a devoted mother and grandmother volunteering for many organizations using her talents so time for DKG did not happen until joining Zeta Chapter in November, 2001.

Janet LeBeau, former WA State DKG President and Executive Secretary, is her daughter so hosting for state groups and Area 8 members in Wenatchee was a contribution that Bonnie enjoyed. Trish Woodley, Membership Director, DKG International and Pat Russell, WA State Treasurer, have sent their sympathies to our chapter.

“Congratulations to Sherry Schreck, her husband, Larry, and most of all, her daughter, Heidi & husband, Kip, on the birth of their twin daughters, April 27 in Rhode Island! Remember Heidi has been feted at the Tony Awards for her Broadway play,  ”What the Constitution Means to Me” for her writing of and starring in it. “

It was a joy to see Pauline’s smile with her bouquet of flowers that Zeta Chapter sent earlier this month when we were informed that she suffered a slight stroke and spent the night in the hospital.

And yes, her husband Ralph had fallen a few weeks before suffering a broken hip so both are recuperating with family support.

Another member that has made the news—twice—is Marilynn Weaver. Her first encounter happened the end of March when the side of the building at Bonaventure, where she has lived, was hit by a car and forced Marilynn to move into a new room in the middle of the night. She now lives on the 4th floor and that is where the reporter from the Wenatchee World interviewed her to write the story that appeared in the paper about her artistic talent for watercolors. Teri reports this has helped her popularity and Marilynn’s art work is being
enjoyed by friends throughout the area

Read her story-Click Here




As it turns out, a great program theme for the latter part of this year. So many “I Wonders". HOW did this happen? WHEN will we get back to ‘normal’? WHY is this happening? WHO can we turn to for help? WHERE can we be to stay safe? And WHAT is next?

Even though we missed the last two programs for 2020, the Area 8 workshop and our June luncheon, we will enjoy them next year. Each speaker has agreed to join us in the fall and we are rescheduling our luncheon for a later date.

Sherry Krebs will share her Scotland travels, Alex Anguiano will educate us on the School Safety Patrol program, jeweler Bruce Simpson will come with his ‘show and tell’ program on how precious stones are cut and set, and we will be entertained by the one of the local Robotics teams!

Next year’s program chair will be starting with these programs and will go from there. You won’t want to miss Wenatchee DKG 2020-2021! .



17 - Cathy Reasor
17 - Betty Carrick
19 - Arlene Jones
19 - Maria Diaz
23 - Pauline Peterson
29 - Carmen Bossenbrock

02-Tami Lopushinsky
10-Joanne Dalinkus
19-Geneva McCoy
22-Mardine Larsen
28-Vinny Lee


Photo by Ken Kohnhorst

“The first blooms of spring always make my heart sing.”
                                                                    — S. Brown






Zeta Chapter Officers

President-Rosa Eilert, Area 8 Liaison
1st Vice-President-Teri St. Jean - Programs
2nd Vice-President- Mardine Larsen - Membership
Treasurer- Maria Diaz
Area 8 Liaison - Cathy Johnson r
Recording Secretary -
Gloria Waddell/Sherry Schreck
Corresponding Secretary - Cathy Reasor
Parliamentarian - Marilynn Weaver
Past President - Geneva McCoy Jardine