November 2021


Dear Sisters

I am really looking forward to our field trip this month. Teri and I will be working on the possibility for a lunch in Dec. and Zoom meetings for winter. I am still working on the new directory…hoping to have it by Dec. at the latest. Here are details of our November meeting:

Date: Nov. 9, 2021 – 3:30 at Rocky Reach or 3:00 at the church parking lot to carpool. I will be at the First Methodist Church at 3:00.

Requirements: Masking, vaccination cards, walking shoes (See the Program Spotlight for Teri’s article)

Because I was confused about what Pat (our state president) meant for her theme “Coming Together to Build Community and Advance Our Purposes”, I emailed her with questions. This is what she responded: “I am interested in having members be intentional about  making connections that provide support (which could  be emotional, fiscal, hands on, or relationship/friendship – depends on what you decide to do) to current and/or prospective members."
Our setting in place a Rose Buddy for each member will, I think, accomplish this. To that end, here is the Rose Buddy list:

Teri St. Jean                         Marilyn Weaver

Billie Lopushinsky              Tami Lopushinsky

Anne Fuller                          Mardine Larsen

Denise Perkins                    Carole Busch

Vinnie Lee                            Jeannie Lodge

Cathy Reasor                       Kriss Crilly

Sue Lawson                          Arlene Jones

Betty Carrick                       Sharon Paine                       Shelly Skaar

Sherry Shreck                      Rosa Eilert

Pat Strand                            Susan Floyd

Maria Diaz                           Pauline Peterson

Karen Bray                           Joanne Dalinkus

Trudy Worthing                  Margie Walker

Ardie Van Well                   Gloria Waddell

Betty Avery                         Barb Myles

Carmen Bossenbrock          Rosa Eilert               Mary Armstrong

I realize I have some threesomes here, but I hope it works out for all of us. Rose Buddies should 1) keep in contact with notes, calls, etc. 2)help out with rides to meetings or tech help if possible and 3) get to know a new friend or keep up with older friends. Lucky me, Sherry already sent me a card designed by her granddaughter, Sonja and included a beautiful Jan Cook Mack card for me to use.

Most of you knew of Geneva’s plans to move to Idaho…she is there! Included in this newsletter is a note from her to all of us. Looking forward to seeing you at Rocky Reach.

Rosa Eilert, President


Robert Asks: “When the agenda items are finished and no other business is proposed, it is time to adjourn.”


Program for November 9, 2021

November is the month for our yearly field trip as a group of DKG Wenatchee woman educators. You guessed it....... a trip to ROCKy Reach dam. Rosa pulled some strings with the director, Bob Bauer, and he is allowing us to be his special guests for a self-guided tour of the new Discovery Center.

This experience is advertised as a whole new way to learn about the Columbia River. We can steer a steamship, take a virtual flight, crank a turbine, look a fish in the eye and see our favorites, the Tule house and wood canoe, in an innovative new way. Exhibits are organized around themes including the “Living River, “The Peoples Power”, “Hydro Health” and “Fish Tales”. Remodeling has created about a third more display space in the same footprint.

Bob will be at the front door at 3:30. If you would like to carpool to ROCKy Reach dam, please be in the Methodist Church parking lot at 3:00 to catch a ride.

The tour is free, guides asking that you wear your mask and bring your vaccination card , either the actual card or a photo of it on your cell phone.

After a brief introduction, you will be on your own and can leave whenever you choose. An elevator is available to reach all 4 floors and you are welcome to ‘play’ with the interactive displays and spend as much time as you need reading all the information. The Center closes at 5:00.       Roll on, Columbia, Roll on! 

See you there.




After nearly 6 months of sorting, preparing, and packing nearly 43+ years of accumulation with the help of many friends and family, Penny and I have arrived at 1582 Brookside Loop , Twin Falls, ID 83301.

My two East Wenatchee angels did more than anyone could have ever expected. Katrina Blaufus, my wonderful neighbor, was always supportive and organizing things for me. She introduced me to Peggy Lord, my realtor, who is absolutely fantastic.

My relatives came and spent several days getting things upstairs and out to the garage. Then other relatives came with a big moving van type trailer to get my boxes, etc

I didn’t have to move any furniture, because I bought a house furnished. I didn’t even have to list my house and the closing date is November 1 or before. All the big things just seemed to fall in place.

I will miss all of you and think about all the things that you are doing without me. So far I’ve been keeping very busy unpacking and deciding where things go. I don’t have beautiful mountains to look. But I am going to be happy. Family has been wonderful. Think of me and Smile.
Love, Geneva

Delta Kappa Gamma Meeting
   October 12, 4:00 PM Washington Park 

Those who attended this meeting were Rosa Eilert, Teri St. Jean, Mardine Larsen, Mary Armstrong, Billie Lopushinsky, Tammy Lopushinsky, Susan Floyd, Marilyn Weaver, Denise Perkins, Sue Lawson, Pat Strand, and Sherry Schreck.

 Rosa discussed communications with the State President of DKG who has indicated that Community and Mentoring will be the focus for the next year.  Chapters will select a local project and engage in helping people.  Chapter members are encouraged to give Rosa ideas for doing a project.  She used the example that schools are lacking volunteers, and teachers are overwhelmed with the changes taking place in education. Rosa shared her ideas about the subbing situation and some of its challenges.  Denise Perkins commented on her work with 3rd graders in East Wenatchee on the Pangborn project; they worked in 3 hour sessions, and she said the students were great.  Masks are taken for granted now in the schools.

Our next meeting will be a visit to the Discovery Center at Rocky Reach Dam.  This field trip will involve interactive participation, and we will have maps for the area.  Everyone should be at the Dam by 3:30 PM.  Members may meet at First United Methodist Church to car pool.  Rosa discussed the possibilities for the next few meetings.

 Rosa led an “ice breaker” in which members voiced what they wish to accomplish before winter begins, e.g., winterizing homes, etc.

Bruce Simpson, a local Fine Jeweler, delivered a speech about his life’s journey as a jeweler.  He talked about his involvement in a Rock and Roll band for several years.  He was hired by a man at Fred Meyer’s jewelry.  He worked in a shop and learned the process of jewelry making. After working a few years, he went to another job where he set 820,000 gem stones.  After working in a few businesses, he decided that he wanted to live in a warm climate.  He remembered Wenatchee from his visits at Apple Blossom.  After his arrival, he ran an advertisement in the Nickel.  Women brought in boxes of jewelry.  He loves his business on Wenatchee Avenue, and he keeps extremely busy with lots of work.  He indicated that he has his own approach to his work.  He has a station and a work bench where he has accomplished his work for the last 47 years.  He has been blessed with good eyesight and uses quality tool.  He does his own design.  He finds gold from many different places, and he works with gold, white gold, platinum and silver.  He buys and stocks jewelry, and he described the process of working with gold. 

 One interesting example regarding gems is that Wenatchee has a diamond growing foundry, a laboratory.  Machines are used that involve high heat and high pressure.  He discussed the various colors of diamonds and how they are achieved.  He showed the members photos of a machine made diamond and a diamond from Israel. Mr. Simpson indicated that cutting, clarity, color, karat, and cutting quality figure into the outcome of the work with gems.

Members asked questions and fully enjoyed the presentation set up by Program Chairman, Teri St. Jean.  Teri had Mr. Simpson draw the ticket for the raffle, and Denise Perkins won the prize, a pumpkin decoration with candies.  Rosa and Teri passed out pastry rolls to all members (Part of our Rock and Roll theme). 
President Rosa adjourned the meeting.                                                        Respectfully yours, Sherry Chastain Schreck, Recording Secretary



14- Mary Symonds
15- Sherry L. Schreck
25- Mary Armstrong

Inspiration quote and photo by Ken Kohnhorst


Mission Statement

The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes professional
and personal growth of women educators and excellence in education.



Zeta Chapter Officers

President-Rosa Eilert, Area 8 Liaison
1st Vice-President-Teri St. Jean - Programs
2nd Vice-President- Mardine Larsen - Membership
Treasurer- Maria Diaz
Recording Secretary -
Gloria Waddell/Sherry Schreck
Corresponding Secretary - Cathy Reasor
Parliamentarian - Marilynn Weaver
Past President - Geneva McCoy Jardine